Monday, September 10, 2012

Lip Contouring

Whether its a fuller lip you're looking for, or a full blown trout pout, you need to follow these steps!

1. Whatever lipstick you have decided to wear, you need a lip liner that is two to three shades darker.
Establish where the outline of your natural lip is. Take your lip liner and with short strokes, trace the outline of your lip slightly on the outer edge.
You may need to do some corrective work to the lip for the shape to look even on both sides. Most people's lips are fuller on one side than the other. Take your time applying your products and always take a step back to look in the mirror to evaluate your work.
Colour the outer corners of the lip with the same pencil, this will add depth to the finished look.
2. Decide if you want a rounded or a pointed cupids bow. I personally prefer a more rounded look, but both look beautiful!
3. Apply your lipstick to the whole lip using a lip brush for a more defined look.
4. Using either a face highlight or an eyeshadow highlight, apply a small amount above the cupids bow. This will reflect the light making this area stand out more.
5. Whatever you use to contour your face(this should be a matte powder/cream around three shades darker than your foundation), use a small amount of this product underneath the bottom lip. This will create the effect of a shadow giving a much fuller effect.
6. Last but not least, use a lipgloss one or two shades lighter than your chosen lipstick. Apply this to the centre of the lip only.

And there you have it. You will have Angelina Jolie lips in no time!!



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