Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

So as you know, I am heading away, and on my adventure I could not got without some vital tools of my trade. Today I got around to cleaning ALL of my makeup brushes, personal and professional. It took a little while, but a couple of hundred brushes later and some definite wrinkle-finger syndrome, I am done!!

The majority of people who use makeup brushes to apply their war paint are very aware that they need to be washed regularly and shown a little bit of care and love. Unfortunately, a little bit of love can mean very different things to many different people. I have heard some horror stories about people washing their brushes. Filling the sink with water and throwing all the brushes in to 'soak'. Pulling at the bristles of the brushes. Leaving the brushes to dry standing up. Even a case of using bleach, yes I know, my heart stopped a little too, bleach!!
I have had many of my brushes for years and years and they still look, feel and do their job as if they are freshly out of their packaging, so I think I know a thing or two about cleaning and maintaining brushes. I'm not saying my way is right or that other ways are wrong, however, I have found this method to work for me and for my beloved brushes, abuse free!!

The only thing you need to clean your brushes are items you most probably have in your house. Warm water and some washing up liquid. You can use shampoo, baby shampoo, specific brush cleansers but I find washing up liquid to be the best. I use Fairy washing up liquid as it isn't too harsh on the bristles of the brush but yet it strips grease, oils, bacteria, and of course makeup, easily off your brushes.

Using warm running water, wet the brush with the bristles facing downwards so the water does not seep into the barrel of the brush, usually the silver area in between the handle and the bristles. Whenever emercing the brush under water, it should always be done in this way because if not, water will loosen the glue holding all the hairs in place, the hairs will fall out and ruin your brush and your makeup!
Squeeze a pea size amount of washing up liquid onto the palm of your hand. Using circular motions, stir the brush into the liquid until it begins to sud up. Rinse the bristles of your brush under warm water and repeat until the suds and water run white and clear. 

Be gentle with your brushes. You do not want to damage the bristles by being too rough or bending the bristles too much.
Now your brush is clean you want to dry the bristles. With the brush facing down again, wrap the bristles with your fingers and gently squeeze the water out. You do not want to pull at the hairs while doing this, just gently squeeze the bristles and shape the brush to its original shape.

When the excess water has been wrung-out, lay all of your freshly cleaned brushes out on a clean, flat towel in a cool dry place. This will allow the brushes to fully dry naturally in their original shape without the water dripping down into the barrel. Leave overnight. 
Your brushes are now squeaky clean to use on you or your clients. Let me know if you have any questions. Jx

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stripped Down

Sometimes things just need to be stripped down. I am IN LOVE with the new camera mode on the ios7!! Black and white photos are my all time favourite way to capture moments and memories in a classic and timeless way.

This past Saturday evening was my going away party for myself and my boyfriend. We are heading to south east Asia on the adventure of a lifetime and had a small party for all our close friends to say our last goodbyes. 
Ever since I saw these stunning gold barrel rings in H&M I could not stop thinking about them and now they are mine!! Some people like to wear a ring on each finger but I just love this layered look for something a bit different. 
The bracelet is also a H&M purchase, however it is a necklace that I just wrapped around my wrist to create a bunched effect. 
I also got my nails done that morning in 5th Avenue, Wicklow Street with a crisp white polish. I usually would get acrylic nails done but going away I thought just a file and polish will be perfect so I can change up the colours when I'm sitting on an exotic beach.

Starting to get really excited now!! Jx

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Winter Warmth

Here in Ireland, we've gone from a really nice summer into a bitter cold September like the click of a finger, so we never really got a chance to say goodbye to our rare hot summer. With fashion, beauty and makeup we're not fully ready to jump into our big cozy winter coats just yet.
Today on the eyes, I decided to blend out a classic smokey eye with a fun pop of bright colours to bring a bit of life and that last bit of summer into your makeup without being too much.

I personally love playing around with colours to change up a neutral eye. On today's eye I blended out a brown and black smokey eye with pink, orange, red and purple to achieve a warm effect to the overall look. I used the same fluffy blending brush with all of the colours as it doesn't matter if the colours mix.

I used a pink toned highlight under the brow to tie in with the colours blended and to add a bit of depth to the look. I also kept the rest of the face quite simple so it is all about the eyes! These colours can look great on all skin tones, just add a little at a time to achieve the effect your comfortable wearing.

Love Jx

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trespassing Prohibited

The past six months I have had the privelege of working in one of the trendiest shoe shops in Dublin, Buffalo. For my last day, the beautiful girls I worked with allowed me to choose any pair of shoes I wanted as a goodbye gift. I know!! A girls dream come true!! Say hello to my new little beauties, the TBA Tresspass boots in Burgundy Leather.


These boots are so comfortable and are the perfect height for everyday wear. Leather lined, gold hardware and a sturdy rubber sole....what's not to love? Cut just below the ankle, the Tresspass Boot elongates the leg and can be worn with just about everything in your wardrobe. Be it skinnies, tights, or bare leg, these boots will be rocking those A/W trends hands down!!


A huge thank you to all my Buffalo Beauties for my amazing gift. Miss you already and love you all, Jx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumnal Shades of Berry

Hi guys!!

Definitely embracing coming into the Autumn/Winter (for the couple of weeks I'll be here anyway) and jumping straight on the bandwagon of the infamous berry lip. These Autumnal shades are an almost garaunteed trend every year. Definitely worth investing in a the perfect lippie for you and your wardrobe, after all, you'll be seeing it next year and for years to come!

I however won't be embracing for too long as me and my other half are heading on an adventure of a lifetime. We have packed in our jobs and are heading to south-east Asia for 4-5 months and then hopefully settling down in Spain. Lots of updates and blogposts from all around the world to be made!

Love J xx