Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stripped Down

Sometimes things just need to be stripped down. I am IN LOVE with the new camera mode on the ios7!! Black and white photos are my all time favourite way to capture moments and memories in a classic and timeless way.

This past Saturday evening was my going away party for myself and my boyfriend. We are heading to south east Asia on the adventure of a lifetime and had a small party for all our close friends to say our last goodbyes. 
Ever since I saw these stunning gold barrel rings in H&M I could not stop thinking about them and now they are mine!! Some people like to wear a ring on each finger but I just love this layered look for something a bit different. 
The bracelet is also a H&M purchase, however it is a necklace that I just wrapped around my wrist to create a bunched effect. 
I also got my nails done that morning in 5th Avenue, Wicklow Street with a crisp white polish. I usually would get acrylic nails done but going away I thought just a file and polish will be perfect so I can change up the colours when I'm sitting on an exotic beach.

Starting to get really excited now!! Jx

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