Thursday, October 25, 2012

Application of Product

Your application of makeup is an extremely crucial step in achieving that flawless, professional look.

1. Many people use their fingers to apply their foundation. This method may seem like the best option to some but it is not recommended as you end up pushing half of your product into your fingertips, therefore using up to double the amount necessary. You also are doing a rub on-rub off method as not all of the product is being transferred onto the face, again a waste of foundation!
Your fingertips are naturally very oily. As the hands are being constantly used throughout the day, the body develops oils to protect the skin, by applying your makeup with your fingers, you are transferring these oils onto the face which can result in an unnecessary breakout.
Not only breakouts, but these oils can also prevent your foundation from setting properly, so your foundation can separate and move on the face throughout the day giving you a patchy look to your makeup.

2. Application of foundation using a sponge is another method I would never recommend. If using a sponge to apply makeup to your own face (never use the same sponge on different people without cleaning and sterilising it first) you should be changing it at least once a week. Most people don't do this!
A makeup sponge is a perfect place for bacteria to grow and to multiply. By using the sponge, you are then transferring this bacteria onto your face which will almost definitely cause breakouts!
Another negative to using a sponge is that it absorbs a lot of your product. It essentially drinks your foundation so you will find yourself working your way through your bottle very quickly.
When applying foundation with a sponge, you drag the skin and any foundation on it, therefore, again achieving the rub on-rub off method.

There is a sponge I would recommend, the infamous beauty blender. This sponge is a 3D teardrop shape and can apply foundation flawlessly. You first dampen the sponge and squeeze out any excess water. You then stipple the product onto the skin using the beauty blender to achieve that flawless base. I would definitely recommend washing this sponge after every use (especially if using it on other people). I'm not sure if it is the density, shape or texture of this certain sponge which makes it so good, but it gets a definite thumbs up from me!
I recommend MAC Beauty Blender €18/€19, Models Own do two for around €12 or for the tighter budgets, H&M do a version for around €4.

And so this leaves me to the brushes:
3. The flat foundation brush comes in all shapes and sizes. On clients, I use this brush to firstly apply their primer and then to apply a first layer of foundation, I then apply a fine second layer using a stipple brush which I will explain further on.
I find the flat foundation brush easy to use on clients as it can be easily directed into small areas of the face.
I however don't like to use this brush to apply my own foundation. I find it hard to build up the coverage of a foundation with this brush alone and unwanted lines can be easily overlooked as they are harder to blend out.
A definite plus to this brush is whatever product you put on this brush, around 98% of the foundation is transferred onto the face. The brush does not absorb the product and is so simple to spot clean or deep cleanse. They also last you years if you invest in a good one!
I love the MAC 190 €32 or Sigma F60 €11.

4. Last but not least is the stipple brush. You can get these in different bristle lengths, shapes and hair types.
What makes these brushes so unique is the blend of synthetic(longer bristles, usually white) and real hair(usually black). This blend of different bristles helps to push the product right into the skin, making the foundation not only last longer but also helps you achieve a flawless looking complexion that appears smoother.
Due to the shape of the brush, the individual hairs do all the work for you. They not only push the product into the skin but they blend out the product effortlessly, leaving you line free! You can also build up the coverage by pushing the brush onto the skin, it can build up beautifully!
This brush, like the flat foundation brush, transfers most of the product onto the face. Not only does the makeup last longer on your face, but you will find you will get longer out of your bottle too!
I would definitely recommend the Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Blusher Brush to apply foundation as I love the size and the dome shape to the brush, €14.

Try it out guys and see if you see a difference in your makeup!!


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