Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Luscious Lashes

Lashes can be a bit of a tricky one if you're not used to applying them, but don't worry, there are lots of tricks to help you achieve those sexy, sultry, luscious lashes!

Quick Tip:
Always apply liner before you apply your false eyelashes as it will fill in any gap between the real lashes and the false ones which you won't be able to get to when your falsies are on!
Liquid or gel liner is the best to use as it will glide on easily over the lash line, a pencil however will drag along the skin and may cause the lash to lift from the skin!

1. All lashes are made larger than the typical eye so that they fit all shapes and sizes. It is important to cut all strip false lashes to your eye size to avoid the excess drooping at the sides giving you that sleepy, dragged down look. If the lash fits the eye properly they are a lot more comfortable to wear and they are less likely to lift at the corners! Remove the lash carefully from the box using a tweezers gripping the outside corner if the lash (this is because if you damage the lash while removing it from the box, you are more than likely going to be cutting this bit off to fit your eye shape). Using the same tweezers, hold the lash upto the eye and see where you need to trim the edges to suit your eye!
Note: Always cut the lash from the outer corner. If you cut from the inner corner the lash fibres will look too long and give you an unnatural finish!

2. Using a cotton bud, take some eyelash adhesive (DUO glue is the best to use) and run the glue along the band if the lash. Make sure there is not too much or too little, just enough to cover the band!
Note: The thinner the band the easier the lash is to apply and blend with your natural lashes. If the band is quite thick it can be tricky to keep corners down and some you would need a thick liquid/gel liner to disguise the band with your makeup.

3. Wait! I know this sounds strange, but if you apply the lash straight away, the glue is so wet that it will slide on the eye and take ages to set, therefore ruining your makeup masterpiece!
Wait until the glue gets slightly tacky in consistency(around 15-20 seconds) and then apply. Place the outer corner on first and wait for it to begin setting, then bring the rest of the lash inwards towards the inner part of the eye. This will make the application much easier. Allow the lash to set before moving on.
Note: Do this looking into a mirror below you as it will be easier to place the lash on when the natural lashes are pointing downwards.

4. Apply more eyeliner. This will get rid of any visible lashline or any thick areas of glue. Always wait for glue to dry completely before doing this step.

5. Apply mascara. By applying mascara after the false lashes it helps to blend the natural lashes into the false ones so they sit better. Always make sure to coat the lashes right down to the root of the lash so it not only gives you maximum length but it costs any visible blonde hairs too.

6. Always keep your lash box. After your night out remove lashes and put them back onto the false lids in the box and you can reuse them again!!

And there you go ladies. Remember all lashes are reusable if you look after them so be careful removing them so they don't get out of shape!!

Enjoy your luscious lashes ladies


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