Sunday, June 2, 2013

Embrace Me!

Today I managed to master the concept of the fishtail braid, and it has to be said, it looks a lot more complicated than it actually is! As a first attempt, I don't think I did too bad!

To achieve this look, I'm afraid you do need to have long hair, preferably past your collar bone. Divide the hair into two pieces. Take a small amount of hair from the outside of one section and bring it into the inside of the other. Repeat on the opposite side. Use this method the whole way down the hair and you have yourself that tricky looking, beautiful braid. Easy right?

I prefer this look quite worn-in and messy. Either do the braid the night before and sleep with it in style or simply after completing your braid, pull at each side of the plait to loosen both sides (I prefer this way).
This will also give the appearance of fuller, thicker hair as the braid looks a lot bigger when teased and pulled a bit.


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