Sunday, February 8, 2015

Luggage Essentials

So, with only three weeks left until I jet off to paradise, I thought I should pick up a few bits to make the journey a little easier. I popped into trusty Penneys and purchased some really cute bits and bobs to make travelling a little more organised......and colourful!

The first item I picked up was this gorgeous little silicone passport holder. My passport has been on a bit of a journey since I got it a couple of years ago and basically it's starting to fall apart. This little number will keep it protected while looking super cute and girly for only €2.

How boring would luggage be without this adorable little owl head keeping all of my contact details safe and sound. Again, only €2 and you can trust if your luggage goes on a little side tracked detour that they can find you again in style.

Last time I was in South East Asia, I learnt my lesson when it came to sunglasses. Currently there are twelve pairs of my sunglasses washed up somewhere on the coast of Thailand.....TWELVE! This time I come prepared. I got this gorgeous floral print sunglasses case for €3 and three sets of sunnies ranging between €1.50-€4. You just can't go wrong!

Where are you jetting off to this year? 

Lots of Love
Jen x

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