Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Obesity

I'm not usually one for baking. If you bake, the usual proceedings afterwards is to eat which results in me devouring EVERYTHING! It tends to be safer for me and for the people around me to just stay clear and leave the baking altogether.
Being Easter however, I have decided what's the harm in half a dozen Easter eggs (Cream Egg of course), a huge family roast dinner (courtesy of the mother) and to make 60 triple chocolate chip chocolate cupcakes with marshmallows (yes I counted 60, I got a bit carried away and I'm not even sorry). While we are on this truth buzz, I also had pancakes for breakfast. I can feel the diabetes creeping into my body already.

For my cupcakes I used the Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix in Chocolate. It is the easiest All-in-1 recipe to follow and being close to midnight that I finished these, it was just Aswel.

I used to make these all the time as a kid with my next door neighbour so it was mandatory to listen to some old school Green Day albums to relive my youth before endulging into the chocolatey madness. 
You pop all your ingredients into a big bowl and stir. It couldn't be more simple unless Betty Crocker came over to your house to physically do it herself but one can only dream! 

Once all stirred up, I clearly have a chocolate obsession so I add far too many chocolate chips into the mix to give it that extra obesity factor that I am a little ashamed of at this stage. Pop into cupcake cases, into the oven for roughly ten mins and decorate as desired.

I did have hopes of hand making teeny pink icing Easter bunnies and cute yellow icing chicks but we can all imagine how they turned out like a three year old had made them with there eyes closed using their left foot so that was abandoned quickly.
Of course I knew this was a very strong possibility so I had a backup plan of these cute pink and white heart shaped marshmallows which worked just fine.

I hope everyone has a great Easter and gets ridiculously full on chocolate so we can all feel super regretful together next week.

Love Jen


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