Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fitness Fun

So I have started to think a bit more about my fitness these past couple of weeks. I have never been one for diets or excersise but I want to achieve a body that I can be more confident about when I'm away on holidays. I have cut out from my diet chocolate, crisps, sweets, bread.... Basically everything that we love to love. It's been a little tough and don't get me wrong, I have had a cheat treat or two, but overall I'm feeling so much better in myself.

I am loving doing my workouts at home. I am following Fitness Blender on YouTube and I find them really easy to follow. They talk you through each individual excersise with ease and explain which muscle you are working with each movement. Follow them below: 


I love their kettle bell workout. It only takes 15 minutes and you use whatever weight suits you. I find using kettle bell gloves really helps as otherwise it really hurts my hands (I know I'm a wuss). 

I have also been taking a few personal lessons in Thai Boxing. My boyfriend has been doing Martial Arts for years and the past year has taken up Thai Boxing. He's been showing me a few technique skills and I am loving doing sessions with the pads.

In two weeks I have lost over a kilogram in weight just from cutting out crap and doing 45 mins training sessions twice a week. Next week, I am starting on a protein Sleder Blend course from Protein World and I'm going to up the amount of days I excersise to 3-4. Fingers crossed I see some progress before I go away in March.

Jen x

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