Friday, April 1, 2016

Bye Bye Baby Bump

After baby arrives, it can take a few days, even a few weeks to settle in to your new way of mom life. When Harley was around three weeks old and we had established ourselves in to some sort of a routine, it finally hit me that my bump was gone. Although I haven't shifted the inevitable baby pouch just yet (she is eight weeks old at the moment and let's face it, it was Easter last week), it suddenly hit me that I no longer had my giant watermelon baby bump.

It's a strange feeling. You're so in love with your new arrival, and so happy hat they are here and healthy, but I can't help but miss her little kicks inside of me.

By now I'm happily getting a hold of things and everything has gently clicked in to place. I am starting to know her hungry cries from her sad cries, her happy smiles from her 'I just pooped and it's all up my back' smiles and I have finally mastered the art of doing the household jobs with one hand. Just a heads up, babies have impeccable timing. Harley has a super power of knowing exactly when to wake up just as my dinner is ready. I suppose cold dinners aren't such a bad thing as long as she is happy. 

It's all a learning curve and we are learning together every day. We'll get there one day. After all, nobody is perfect. 

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