Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Enough with the Excuses

I think it's time to stop with the excuses. Yesterday was officially day one of a new healthy diet and a solid exercise routine, hopefully three times a week. 

I had a list of excuses not to be healthy so that I could happily indulge in everything that I am not allowed to have. My list consisted of:

1. I'm still recovering.
2. I will establish a routine with the baby and then I will start a diet.
3. It's selfish to focus on me, concentrate on the baby and pass me the chocolate.
4. It's March, there is no point in starting a diet when Easter is at the end of the month. I need to train my stomach with small doses of daily chocolate to prepare for the mother-load on Easter morning.
5. Cream eggs.
6. It's the 1st of April, I'm going to start. Hold on, the 1st of April is a Friday - nobody starts a diet on a Friday.
7. I've run out of excuses. Shit, I'm going to have to work out.

I am easing myself into the physical side of things because I am aware I have to be careful as you can really harm your pelvic floor if you go too hard or too heavy too soon. 
Diet will be tough for the first few days. No more sugar, only home cooked meals, cutting down on carbohydrates and lots of fruit and vegetables.

Day 2: Can't walk.

Wish me luck!

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